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Title: 1/6th scale Prafa Foams tires for sale!
Post by: Lizard on May 06, 2016, 02:06:09 pm
Since I don't plan to go for higher speeds with my truggy anymore, I thought I'd might as well sell my Prafa foams.

These are very light foam wheels, 165g complete, 58g just the foams. Originally made for the 1/6 Prafa Rambo, but can be used on other cars and with other rims.

The included rims have 17mm hexes, but they are a little deeper, so some offset hexes like on the Arrma Kraton are needed to run them on 1/8th scales.

For largescale, one can use either FG rims with 18mm squares, or MCD rims with 24mm hexes. However, those plastic thingies where the rubber tires usually are glued to need to be removed first.

Diameter about 130mm
Width about 60mm
Weight complete wheel 165g
Weight foam 58g
Hardness: 40 Shore (green), 28 Shore (red)
Not glued

Here are some photos. If you want more detailed photos or detailed measurements, just ask.